Unparalleled security

Provides unprecedented security in the cloud, adhering to global certification standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA Compliant and ISO 27001. Following best practices in BCP (Business Continuity Planning), two fully mirrored geographically separate systems provide complete data and system redundancy. Continuous data protection without complexity LiveVault delivers point-in-time recovery of server data through near-continuous backup, providing up to 96 recovery points (snapshots) daily.

Data in Transit:

LiveVault encrypts all data at the source using 256-bit AES encryption with a unique private/public key pair. For an additional layer of protection, LiveVault uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol on top of TCP/IP to establish a secure, resilient communication tunnel to offsite data centers. In addition, LiveVault transmits the file ID and block number information redundantly and validates that the data blocks arrive in the expected order, without gaps, and that the header information is consistent. When messages arrive at the vault, they are written to disk. The LiveVault vaulting software does no processing on the backed-up data. It arrives compressed and encrypted, and is stored this way.

Data in Vaults:

Unlike most applications, LiveVault takes special steps to validate the integrity of the data on disk. LiveVault vaults employ proprietary technology to index, catalog, and organize the data blocks. This technology enables LiveVault to run four types of consistency checks:

  • 1. On every write operation, LiveVault validates the header information to ensure that blocks are written in the intended order and that the header information is consistent.
  • 2. Once a day, a block consistency checker runs automatically. This validates that all the blocks are present that the vault needs to restore the latest backups. The block consistency check operates against LiveVault’s block index files, but it does not actually read the encrypted data blocks from disk.
  • 3. Every two weeks, a full catalog consistency checker runs automatically. This validates that if requested, every file could be completely restored, but it does not actually read the encrypted data blocks from disk.
  • 4. Once a month, a data consistency checker runs automatically. This simulates a full restore of the latest version of every file. It reads the encrypted data blocks from disk to flush out any lurking disk errors.

In addition, the “rotation” software helps ensure the integrity of data at rest. As time passes, various backup versions reach the expiration of their retention periods, but some of the data blocks—the ones that have been static—are still needed and are “moved forward” into a new baseline by the rotation software

Mirrored data centers:

For high availability, LiveVault maintains all backup data on two independent vaults at separate geographic locations. Backup data that arrives at the primary vault is then sent to the secondary vault, where it is revalidated and stored in the same manner as on the primary vault. If there should ever be an unrecoverable error on one of the vaults, the other vault provides continuity of ongoing backups and gives you the ability to restore historical versions.

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