What about virtual environments?

Yes. VaultLogix backs up virtual environments. Using the ESX server plug-in, clients will see all virtual machines listed and simply select the ones they want to back up. For immediate assistance, please call Support at 877.828.5856, Option #2.

Do you provide onsite vaults?

Yes. We offers a number of options for onsite vaults. Onsite Bullet vaults provide the speed and convenience of a local backup and restore, while still offering clients the protection and security of an offsite backup because the onsite data is vaulted to redundant data vaults as well. An account manager can outline the available…

What types of encryption are available?

Unparalleled security Provides unprecedented security in the cloud, adhering to global certification standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA Compliant and ISO 27001. Following best practices in BCP (Business Continuity Planning), two fully mirrored geographically separate systems provide complete data and system redundancy. Continuous data protection without complexity LiveVault delivers point-in-time recovery of server data through near-continuous backup, providing…

What type of connection do I need?

If a transmission is interrupted in the middle of a backup, our software will continue to retry until a connection can be re-established, then continue the backup where it was interrupted. For immediate assistance, please call Technical Support at 1-844-LIVE-VLT (1-844-548-3858).

What operating systems are supported?

Windows (32-bit) Windows (64-bit)) NetWare Linux AIX HP-UX iSeries ESX Server For more information on operating systems, contact LiveVault at 1-844-548-3858 for specific answers on versions and editions supported. For immediate assistance, please call Support at 1-844-548-3858

Is there a charge to restore my data?

There is never a charge to restore your data online. If you require us to generate physical media and courier or mail it to you, there may be additional charges. Please contact us for details. For immediate assistance, please call Technical Support at 1-844-LIVE-VLT (1-844-548-3858).