If you’re in an industry regulated by data privacy laws (we’re looking at you, financial services companies, healthcare providers, law firms), you might be feeling justifiably concerned about choosing a cloud backup and recovery solution. 

You know how to protect your company’s regulated data on-prem. But what happens when you outsource that function to a cloud vendor? When you entrust your customers’ protected information to a third party, will that data stay compliant with your industry’s regulators? How can you be sure beforehand?

Option 1: default to the standard checklist of compliance indicators

Most IT teams take the long route to find the backup and DR solution that best meets their industry’s regulatory requirements. They vet multiple data management providers, reviewing each one against a long checklist of traits that suggest the company will keep them compliant. For example, they’ll ask:

  • Does your solution meet HIPAA, SOX, and GLB standards?
  • Are you PCI-DSS compliant?
  • Have you earned your SOC 2 Type II certification?
  • Is your company certified to ISO 27001?
  • What level of encryption do you offer your customers’ data at rest?
  • What level of encryption do you offer your customers’ data in transit?
  • Do you provide physical security at your data centers?
  • Do you allow customizable data retention policies?
  • Can we quickly access our data in the case of an audit or eDiscovery request?

And on and on. Every one of these questions, and many others, can affect your company’s compliance with data protection laws.

But there’s a much faster and more reliable way to find the right provider. It requires only one question.

Option 2: find a backup partner that protects the federal government’s data 

Few IT teams think of this shortcut. But if you give it any thought, you’ll realize that the easiest way to find a cloud backup vendor that can keep your company compliant with government regulations is to find one that the government itself trusts to safeguard its most sensitive data.

LiveVault, for example, counts among its thousands of customers many agencies and departments in the US federal government. It also protects sensitive data for state and local governments.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: LiveVault stores its customers’ data only in the world’s most secure data centers: Tier 4 facilities across the US and Canada that are built hundreds of feet below ground in sites designed to withstand even the most serious natural disasters. 

Why is this relevant to our discussion about regulatory compliance? Because each of LiveVault’s data centers shares space with several government agencies, including the Department of Defense, which trusts these facilities to safeguard national-security data.

If you’re unsure which partner you can trust to keep your corporate data secure and up to regulatory standards, make this important decision easy. Choose the company that government agencies themselves trust to protect their data—maybe even the agencies that oversee your industry’s compliance.

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