During the past few decades, the number of companies offering offsite backup services has grown tremendously and now number in the thousands. With the proliferation of companies, how can you be sure the company you have chosen is a reputable one that will be there for you and able to restore your data? Try LiveVault for your company’s secure offsite data backup services.

Choose a company that has stood the test of time. LiveVault has provided offsite backup services to business clients since 1996. We’ve successfully conducted millions of backups and restores for business clients, and we’ll be happy to provide references from long-time clients who can attest to the high level of offsite data backup services we provide.

The secure offsite backup services industry continues to evolve with rapidly changing technology, and LiveVault stays in the forefront by continually upgrading our service, hardware and software. Technical support is free and assistance with emergency restores is available 24/7.

Businesses that value their data, use secure offsite data backup services by LiveVault. If catastrophe strikes, LiveVault can restore your data. Restores from our offsite backup services can be done online 24/7, or you can request a media restore or mobile vault restore for large volumes of data.