LiveVault provides world-class secure internet backup service.

We natively support most popular operating systems such as all Windows servers and most desktops, Novell Netware, Red Hat Linux and many others. Our secure internet backup service is designed for businesses that value their data as well as their time. We eliminate the need for tapes or any other backup equipment.

Exchange and SQL Backups

If you need to back up Exchange or SQL, an internet backup service may be the ideal choice for your data backups. LiveVault has specialized internet backup software to backup Exchange and SQL databases.

LiveVault is an internet backup service with support technicians who are SEO Page Edits experts in backing up Exchange and SQL. If you need an Exchange or SQL restore, you’ll be glad you are working with technicians at an internet backup service that deals with Exchange and SQL on a daily basis.

LiveVault Internet Backup Services Offer:

You’ll rest easy knowing your entire computer, including Exchange and SQL data is secure and ready to restore when you use our internet backup software for data backups.

  • FREE Technical Support
  • FREE online restores available 24/7
  • Media restores available for a fee

Try it for 30 days free. Call 1-844-LIVE-VLT and ask for an account setup. A technician will assist you in the installation and configuration of our internet backup software.