What is Data Prioritization?

The premise of Data Prioritization is based on the idea that not all data is created equally. Some of your data is more valuable than other data. Economically, does it make sense to protect all data equally?  Sensitive corporate financial documents don’t need the same level of protection as the company outing pictures. Data Prioritization allows you to assign the appropriate level of backup protection based on how critical the data is to the organization.

How Does It Work?

The LiveVault Data Prioritization strategy allows you to manage all you backup needs using a truly hybrid-cloud backup solution, from a single vendor, using a single pane of glass.

In an age where cloud vendors are working to charge you more, LiveVault is working to save you money.  Using this strategy you assign different levels of protection to your different types of data:

  • Priority 1- Critical Cloud- Critical data offsite.
  • Priority 2- ImagePlus- Store a free image locally for the ability to recover quickly.
  • Priority 3- Low Cost Cloud Archive (CloudArc)- Want it offsite but don’t want to pay for it.
  • Priority 4- Local Backup- Free local backup for the rest of your files.

Data Prioritization Overview


Critical Cloud

For your most critical data, the data that you need to be able to recover to do business, send it to our Critical Cloud Vault.  This business-class solution offers the level of protection that guarantees data recovery. Your data will reside in a North American based, Tier 4 data center with 24/7/365 access to it.


LiveVault Advantage software allows you to store a free image locally on the hardware of your choice.  No need to buy expensive appliances or proprietary hardware.  Keep an image locally for fast recovery.


CloudArc is a secure, durable, and low-cost storage service for data archiving and online backup.  While your data will reside in a Tier 4 data center, CloudArc is designed for infrequently accessed data where longer retrieval times are suitable.

Unlimited Local Storage

Store as much data locally as you want using our software using your existing infrastructure for no additional cost; you only pay for what you store in the cloud with us.

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