If you’re looking for a world class secure online data backup provider, try LiveVault. We are leaders in providing secure remote data backup services. Our business clients all have one thing in common – they value their data and need to ensure it will never be lost. LiveVault securely transmits your data to our remote data vaults where it is available 24x7x365.

How is secure remote data backup with LiveVault different from other backup services? In a word – service. We have the people, the tools, the know-how, and the desire to make your secure online data backup experience a success. We assign each client an online data backup services technician and an account manager. If you have a problem with our secure remote data backup software, you’ll know who to call – no waiting in queues! Our clients tell us our approach to service is what really makes LiveVault unique.

How does the reliability of our offsite data backup service compare with that of tape backups? No comparison. Our secure remote backup service is much more reliable than most tape backups. We have MANY clients who have run our service for years without ever changing their configuration and without a missed backup. We will put our track record up against any tape backup system. A major risk of tape systems is that even when all indicators point to successful backups, the restores fail. Secondly, most companies using tape systems don’t employ a secondary fail-safe system. The secure remote data backup services we provide have redundancy built in.

How do I get started with Online Data Backup service by LiveVault? Download the appropriate offsite data backup software from our Download Center, then contact us by telephoning 1-844-LIVE-VLT or by emailing support at [email protected] An appointment will be scheduled at a time convenient for you to install our secure offsite data backup services, and a LiveVault technical support person will walk you through configuring your system. We work only with businesses and have the resources necessary to ensure that your data will never be lost.