If you store servers in a colocation facility and need a convenient way to back them up, try us FREE for 14 days. Our technicians will walk you through a short setup, and you’ll be backing up tonight! During the trial period, we’ll send you a status report each business day. You’ll be able to see how much data you have backed up, the amount of compression you are getting, and the number of backups you have stored in our vaults. We’ll quote you a firm price based on your volume after compression. No contracts required, but we do offer significant discounts (up to 20%) for contract clients and annual pre-pays.

If you are looking for dedicated server colocation hosting space for a backup server or mirrored server, you should try secure online backup with LiveVault. With the LiveVault service, there is no need to engage a server colocation service provider to house your backup servers. Your backups are automatically transmitted to the LiveVault vaults.

Forget the hassle of setting up a backup server with a dedicated server colocation service provider. With our service, your data will be automatically transmitted to our secure data vaults each night.

Our Secure Online Backup Service eliminates the need for backup server hosting or any other dedicated server colocation services for your valuable data. You’ll save time, too, because you no longer have to travel to the hosting facility for maintenance or depend on the schedule of the colocation service provider if you need service.

Online backup is an extremely dependable method of backing up your critical data without having dedicated a server with dedicated server colocation service provider.

We guarantee our service is available 24/7 when you need to restore your data, and you won’t have to worry with backup server colocation hosting again. This guarantee is based on our ten-year track record of successful backups and restores. Since 1996, we’ve done millions of backups and restores.

Our client range from the small, one-person office to large companies with hundreds of locations. Our pricing is based on the amount of compressed data you have stored in our secure data vaults. Secure online backup from LiveVault starts at $20/month. Isn’t your valuable data worth it? If you’re tired of the hassle of dealing with backup servers in dedicated server colocation facilities, you should give us a try.