LiveVault’s business class infrastructure consists of a primary Data Center located in Massachusetts, with additional data centers across the US and Canada. All client data received by the primary Data Center is immediately replicated to its mirror via a private 1Gbps WAN connection. In the event of a disaster at our primary Data Center, the backup Data Center will be brought online to handle client requests. LiveVault has yielded 99.99% uptime for the past 13 years.

LiveVault utilizes multiple tier one high-speed internet access lines to handle customer requests. Client requests are processed via a load balanced server farm that is continuously monitored 24×7 by LiveVault as well as a third party monitoring company.

LiveVault protects client data on fully redundant storage for high availability. In addition to data mirroring, we also employ snapshot functionality and full redundancy within the storage infrastructure.

We recognize the importance of data protection and go to great lengths to protect and secure client data.