LiveVault provides cloud backup and recovery solutions to over 11,000 businesses across North America. Balancing simplicity and power with flexible options to meet specific business requirements, LiveVault offers unique business-class services including:

Every LiveVault customer can rest assured that their data is protected and secure, and can be quickly restored to meet business continuity needs.

LiveVault understands that not all data is created equal and it shouldn’t be treated that way. Watch the video to learn more about how you can take advantage of the LiveVault Data Prioritization Strategy.

Leverage data prioritization through FREE local storage, FREE local imaging, offsite critical cloud, and low cost archived backups.




Learn more about the LiveVault Partner Program, how to become a partner, and see all of our integration partners.

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Business Clients

Learn more about the solutions LiveVault offers businesses like yours to help protect your data in the case of a disaster.

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